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Marcia Lindsey – YLM

Marcia Lindsey, 22 Raleigh, NC Senior Biology/Pre-Med Student What goals do you have for yourself or what vision do you have for your community? Through my professional experiences as a premedical student, I have realized that there is a true... Continue Reading →

Don’t Dim Your Light!

Dear Ladies, This post was inspired by a rant I went on with my mom on the airplane. It began with me joking but then it became much deeper than that. I wrote the majority of this post immediately after... Continue Reading →

To: Ms. Busy Bee

Dear Ladies, I know what it feels like to be busy; to be booked to capacity. Two Jobs, Five upper classes, Leadership Positions, Making time for the Gym, Setting aside time for God, and oh yeah, I think I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

Carryngton Walton – YLM

My name is Carryngton Walton. I am 20 years old. Sophomore at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am a Consumer Apparel & Retail Studies Major (Global Industries & Related Studies Concentration) and Business Minor I was born... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Dear Ladies,  Last week on Instagram (@ProjectEmpowerU) I posted a video of my affirmation mirror. I was inspired by my dance sister and something that my pastor in bible study. I was having a rough day and this was the... Continue Reading →

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