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This is sort of the miscellaneous category that covers all other topics that we decide need to be discussed. These topics are not any less important or powerful. Some of these topics may appeal more to the guys, as many are more general life lessons.

Sweet, Sweet Summertime.

Summer: The greatest season of year. You don't have to agree. It just is. It's not quite officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it. Summer is like a refresh button for your year. So you haven't been doing... Continue Reading →

Just Run YOUR Race

Comparison kills dreams. Comparison kills motivation. Comparison kills confidence. ...well at least for me it does. In high school, I planned out the next 10 years of my life. Graduate with my Bachelors in 2017, Obtain my Doctorate of Physical... Continue Reading →

Decisions. Decisions. 

Dear Ladies, The older we get, the more important the decisions that we have to make. And the more important the decision the harder it can be. Not only are these decisions hard for us as individuals, but it also... Continue Reading →

No Social Media Challenge

Dear Ladies, Here's a thought....what would happen if you took the same amount of time that you spend on social media and spent it on your school work, your business, or your relationships. What would happen if you spent that... Continue Reading →

“Must Be Nice”

Dear Ladies,  You ever got a new job, a new boyfriend, a good grade, went on a nice vacation, finally took some time off of work, got a raise, etc.... but then a friend or a coworker says something salty... Continue Reading →

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