Dear Ladies,

Are you trying to reinvent yourself and feel like you everything is coming against you? Maybe you feel like your friends just don’t get that you are really trying to change?

Well, they might not. Maybe the next level of yourself is a version of you that just doesn’t   fit well with your current crowd.

Okay, Let me put it like this, maybe your “crowd”, your “friends”, the “company you keep” is holding you back from the next level of you. They can be a constant reminder of who you were, what you used to do, and what used to make you genuinely happy. That was great then, but this is now.

Now, you are trying to be a better person, moving closer to your goals and a new level of fulfillment. In your “now”, you may need to shift your circle/your crowd/your company to include people that will help you grow. In your “now”, you can’t keep making your bed with your past. Kiss that comfort zone goodbye if you want to succeed where you’re going. 

Shifting your circle doesn’t always mean cutting everyone off completely. However, if your relationship with someone is a constant reminder of where you’ve been, who you’ve been and what you are trying to move away from, then they don’t need to be a person you call or see everyday. They don’t need to me the person that you call for advice. Figure out who you can connect with that will understand where you’re going and is willing to help motivate you to get there.

Bottom Line: the company you keep can either help you or hurt you. Everyone won’t grow with you. Don’t let that stop you. Keep pushing and be smart about who you allow in your circle.

You got this Girl ❤️ Love, Mo