Dear Ladies,

Please don’t aim to be a “snack”, and don’t aim to be meal.

Okay, sure it sounds cute….Is that really what you’re going for…….cute? (Yeah, yeah I know most of ya’ll just use it to gas your friends up.) It’s just that when I hear snack, I think about something cheap and temporary. Snacks are just something that “hold you over” until your next meal. Snacks satisfy a craving. Is that what you want to be, just a craving?

Let’s strive for something better. Find you a MAN who calls you beautiful, intelligent, inspiring. Find you a man who can see the wife in you. A man who has a desire to pursue you for the long term…not for a night to satisfy the craving that he got when he saw you.

Don’t get me wrong, be as “snatched” as you want. Dress to impress. “Beat your face” if you must. Just don’t let it end there. While you are working on your physical appearance, be sure to work on your mind, your spirit, your character, your work ethic, your priorities. If you are going to find a man who sees a wife in you, you need to cultivate the wife in you. You can make him a snack, you don’t need to be one.

Well, maybe you can be a snack, after you tie the knot….  😋🤷🏾‍♀️😏 lol that’s all for now

You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo