Comparison kills dreams. Comparison kills motivation. Comparison kills confidence. …well at least for me it does.

In high school, I planned out the next 10 years of my life. Graduate with my Bachelors in 2017, Obtain my Doctorate of Physical Therapy by 2020, Get Married and start a family before I turn 30 in 2025.

Yeahhh, you already know that life has a funny way of not going as planned. I’m applying to Physical Therapy school a year later than I should have, but it’s really a blessing. Ya girl needed time to save up her coin and give her body and brain a vacation. Anyway, I also have finally accepted that I do NOT control the timing of love or starting a family. So, here I am, a college graduate who is faced with uncertainty about my future. I’m making my peace with it, that’s all I really can do. 

The problem is really not the uncertainty though. The problem is my tendency to compare. Comparing myself to my peers who graduated early and are in graduate programs, my peers who have already been accepted to Physical Therapy school, my friends who are engaged or getting married. I compare myself to all of them, and then I feel unfulfilled. 

So, I have to constantly remind myself of what I am about to say to you:

“You are not them, and they are not you. Nobody can be you better than you are you. Dream your dream. Remember why you want it. Run your race. The time will pass anyway. Love yourself like you want him to love you. You are exactly where you need to be in life. Accept it. Embrace it. Success is ahead. In fact, success is staring you back in the mirror everyday. Don’t give up. You got this Girl!”

To every girl who is reading this:

You Got This Girl ❤️ Love, Mo