Dear Ladies,

The older we get, the more important the decisions that we have to make. And the more important the decision the harder it can be. Not only are these decisions hard for us as individuals, but it also becomes hard to please yourself and everyone else with these decisions.

You are going to be responsible for making life-changing decisions. College? No college? Stay home? Move far away? Take this job? Take that job? Graduate school? Start a family? Some of these questions are “either or”, others are a matter of timing.

Okay, am I stressing you out yet? Probably. So, my goal is to encourage and remind you that you are the only one who knows what’s best for you. Now, don’t get me wrong… your mom, dad, big brother, auntie & grandma might all have some great advice and necessary wisdom to share. Your responsibility is to take that input along with your desires and make the best decision for you regarding your future.

I am NOT saying that it will be easy for you, for your family or your friends; but you HAVE to begin making these decisions wisely and unapologetically. Don’t worry girl, everything will work out!

Case in point, I recently took a job I was thrilled about! I’ve been excited about this opportunity since I applied for it! It’s in the field that I want to work in, in the city I want to live in, it pays exactly what I needed. Beyond that they’re showing me unbelievable favor and flexibility in my schedule until I graduate in May. While it may not be a dream job, it is everything that I was looking for in the meantime. Now, although I am excited and thrilled about having this opportunity, the reactions of some of my loved ones was a little disappointing for me. Naturally, I wanted them to celebrate with me and be excited with me (without criticism). After a few of these encounters, something clicked for me! I went to college for ME, I applied for this job for ME; Like I said earlier, I weighed their advice and my desires, but ultimately I accepted the position. Its an amazing opportunity that I might have missed if I was making my decision for THEM.

Bottom Line, You can’t expect everyone to be as excited as you are about YOUR opportunities and YOUR blessings. That’s okay. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we aren’t always as excited for other people’s blessing and opportunities as they want us to be either. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that it’s not the right decision for you…it just isn’t their decision to make, it’s yours.