Hi, my name is Kayla Sadler and I graduated from University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies. I’m currently in grad school at Winthrop Univ in Rock Hill, SC getting my Masters of Education in Counseling, to be a School Counselor

What goals do you have for yourself?

Once I graduate, I want to stay in South Carolina and continue my career here. At some point I want to move to Florida to further my career and specialize in Play Therapy.

I really want to work with Elementary or Middle school population. I really enjoy working with children, especially the younger ones because I feel it’s easier to get down on their level and I can act like a kid sometimes. 🙂

How are you working towards these goals?

I am working towards this by looking at the school districts in the various parts of both South Carolina and Florida, and others ways to use both my degrees.

What obstacles have you faced? What lessons have you learned?

I would say the process of finishing undergrad, and making the choice to go to grad school was a bit of an obstacle. Having failed my very first semester at UNCG I tried and pushed myself every semester after that. While I feel like I didn’t fully show my full potential, I have put it all into this next phase of my life. Since graduating and being in grad school, I have learned more about myself than I ever did in undergrad. I have applied myself tons more than I ever did in undergrad, and I appreciate all the experiences that got me to this point.

What motivates you the most?

My family and closest friends motivate me, as well as personal reminders I have in my room to continue to motivate me. I think it’s important to be self motivated, but not to beat yourself. Trust God and his timing.

Who inspires you the most?

My mom inspires me the most. She is one of the strongest women I know, and I aspire to be as strong as she is.

How can people follow what your doing or contact you?