Dear Ladies,

I’m finding these days that everyone seems to be an expert in health, fitness, weight loss & weight gain. Companies have skinny girls telling you that their detox tea helped them get a flat tummy. The wanna be body builders telling you to lift weights instead of doing cardio. Some health nut in your class is telling you that Vegan is the only way. So how are you supposed to know who’s advice is right for you?

The answer is simple. YOU are the expert. You know how eating certain foods makes your body feel. You know which foods actually give you more energy. You know what time of day works best for working out. You know if Zumba gives you a better, more enjoyable workout than Cycling. You know how much weight you can lift, if any. You can tell if a detox tea is actually cleansing you or harming you. You know if going Vegan creates an unrealistic challenge for your lifestyle or current circumstances. 

Don’t get me wrong, we all need a little guidance from our Doctor, Nutritionist, Experienced Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coaches and other professionals. I just want to encourage you to follow the advice of these kind of professionals instead of google and self-proclaimed experts. The only other person with answers about what’s right for your body and your goals is YOU. Set realistic goals for yourself, consult reputable professionals, and self-monitor your body’s responses to changes in your diet and lifestyle. 

At the end of the day you must decide what is right for YOUR body and your health. Health over aesthetics! Being healthy >> being skinny. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself!

You got this Girl ! ❤️ Love, Mo