Marcia Lindsey, 22 Raleigh, NC

Senior Biology/Pre-Med Student

What goals do you have for yourself or what vision do you have for your community?

Through my professional experiences as a premedical student, I have realized that there is a true need for stronger relationships between health providers and patients. As a physician I plan to serve my community inside and outside of the medical setting.

This goal and my interest in dermatology inspired me to establish the Hair Doc and Co., LLC. This is a digital platform dedicated to hair care, hair trends, and hair health for African-American women. I plan to expand this brand as I enter my profession.

How are you working towards these goals?

Of the greatest physicians I’ve met, one characteristic that has been consistent across the board is their willingness to meet people where they are. As a student, I work with university and community partners to plan health initiatives and events for the student body. This included health focuses such as blood drives, sexual health, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and HIV/AIDs. These initiatives educate students on health issues that impact the community, while providing resources that can potentially assist them in the future.

I will also plan these types of initiatives for the community I serve as a physician with the goal to make the same impact.

 Who inspires you the most?

My mother inspires me the most for more reasons than I can express in words. She gives relentlessly and selflessly without second guessing. She loves unconditionally and has pushed me to do my best even when I didn’t believe in myself. Simply put, she’s bomb. 

How can people follow what your doing or contact you? 

Follow me on social media to keep in touch @marcialindsey_ and don’t forget to check out my website: 😊