Dear Ladies,

I know what it feels like to be busy; to be booked to capacity. Two Jobs, Five upper classes, Leadership Positions, Making time for the Gym, Setting aside time for God, and oh yeah, I think I’m supposed to  eating and sleeping too…..

We all know that “time management” is crucial to dealing with a busy schedule. However, time management is more than using a planner, making a to-do list and updating your google calendar. All of those things are useless if you forget to be present.

When we get busy, we tend to walk through our day as nothing more than a to-do list: “✔️Go to class ✔️Go to work ✔️Go to the gym ✔️Spend time with Bae ✔️Do Homework ✔️Pray ✖️Sleep. 

If that sounds familiar, I am asking you to stop it! Change your perspective. It is so important that you are present in each of these moments! Forgetting to be present only hurts you in the long run. Sure you went to class but if you were on your phone the entire time than you really weren’t there…and now studying is going to take you longer than it should. Sure you spent time with Bae (or potential bae) but if you were constantly on your phone than were you really there? What did you learn about them in that moment? If they left the room would you have noticed? Sure you prayed, but if your mind was on what you needed to do next, then you weren’t really focusing on your prayer, were you?

My point is that being present in each moment is just as crucial to your success as planning your schedule each week. It will cut down your stress and you will be able to really enjoy each moment of your day. So, if you are in class pay attention so that you can cut down your studying time and can spend quality time with a friend instead of looking at that dreadful library. 
You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo