Dear Ladies,

This post was inspired by a rant I went on with my mom on the airplane. It began with me joking but then it became much deeper than that. I wrote the majority of this post immediately after my rant. Somebody out there needs to be reminded that they have a purpose in this world and that they are meant to shine a light for someone else. Never ever dim your light!

When you understand that there is a purpose inside of you. Recognize your essence, the light inside of you. Do not dim your light for the mediocre people who surround you. Allow your essence to be as effervescent as it is meant to be. Don’t tone it down to be on their level but shine in order to bring them up to your level.

Whatever that light might be; Whether it is your intellect, a talent, a skill, or an inspiration from God. Whatever it is that makes you unique, whatever makes you standout…do NOT diminish it for anybody. It could open up doors for you that you didn’t even see. It will open doors for you that others can’t predict. That hobby, obsession, or passion that you have could grant you an opportunity that your knowledge (or lack thereof) wouldn’t have opened. 

Be great and prosper, no matter who surrounds you. 

Remember, the goal is always to become a better version of yourself, dimming your light only portrays and feeds a lesser version of yourself. That’s going backwards, that’s living in the past, and why would you want to do that !? 

You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo