My name is Carryngton Walton. I am 20 years old. Sophomore at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am a Consumer Apparel & Retail Studies Major (Global Industries & Related Studies Concentration) and Business Minor

I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but my current home is Tampa, Florida!

Goals that I have for myself and my community:

At the moment, I am trying to master time management! It might sound crazy for those who know me because I am always running around my campus from class to organization meetings. I see that as I grow more into discovering my gifts and talents, God is providing me with more opportunities. Which I am super grateful for… BUT I really, really, REALLY love to sleep LOL. Time is God’s most precious gift. We should value time the same way we value money – both cant be spent, but with time you cannot get that back.

I always pray and ask God to use me – for me to be the light where ever He takes me. I always do my best to make sure when people see me or interact with me, that they acknowledge the light they see or the presence they feel is the Spirit of God. Especially at times when I fall short. I don’t ever want people to perceive me as “perfect”. God is the perfection that covers me.

I want to help educate young girls and young women on the importance of Self Care, Self Image, and Self Worth. As women, we must value and love our original design. The world has made its way in forcing us to believe that there is only one way a woman can be received by the world and none of that aligns with His image.   

How I’m working toward these goals:

I have formed an organization called The Perfect 10 that provide an opportunity for young girls and young women to be educated and engaged in the value of Self care, Self Image, and Self Worth. I believe in order to feel good about yourself, you must take care of how you look and develop your individual and unique substance.  

I am also a member of SOYOT Life Mass Media Team which stands for Stand On Your Own Throne. We specialize in helping brand artists and entrepreneurs “stand on their own throne” where you are the architect of your own life. I not only have been able to expand my platform with the events we plan 

Obstacles I’ve faced:

An obstacle that I’ve faced for the last six years has been low confidence and self-esteem. As I grew into my teenage years, I began to focus more on my outer appearance versus my substance. I’d like to think of it in this way: you’re on an Easter egg hunt and you find a beautifully painted Easter egg, but once you open the egg there’s no chocolate inside – its completely empty. I sought validation from everyone and every social media follower. Every “like” or “retweet” eventually become food to me. By the time I turned 18, I had been through too many hardships to remember who I truly was. I remember the moment when I realized I needed to make a change with myself. God had shown me that He not only created a temple, but the Word to live inside it. It was a struggle, and sometimes still is, to remember that I must find validation from God. That no human being can provide for me the way He can. I had to learn how to love myself for the great qualities, and I’m getting better at accepting and appreciating the not-so-good qualities and allowing God to work through them. 

What motivates/inspires me the most:

In the month of January, God spoke to me and He said, “I need you to be strong. For so long, you’ve been so weak, but now I need you to be strong.” For about six years I struggled enduring the journey of discovering my worth and my strength. What motivates me to be strong is knowing that my strength is found in Christ Jesus. He always reminds me where I am weak, He is supposed to be made strong. With a very full plate of handling myself, school, and campus and community involvement, I can’t lie and say I never thought about quitting. But, I have to remember that my grind and strength is not only beneficial to me, but for the people around me.

How can people contact you & follow what you are doing?



THE PERFECT 10 @perfectperfect10

SOYOT Life @soyotlife