Dear Ladies, 

Last week on Instagram (@ProjectEmpowerU) I posted a video of my affirmation mirror. I was inspired by my dance sister and something that my pastor in bible study. I was having a rough day and this was the solution that I needed to turn my day around and to transform my relationship with myself. 

I walked home from class, found an uplifting Pandora station, got out my expo markers, pulled up Pinterest for inspiration and started writing every word that I needed to begin believing about myself. When I started, I thought that I would run out of words..but by the time I “finished”, I had run out of space (notice the smaller writing at the bottom, lol). 

Although I have seen mirrors like this done with sticky notes, I chose expo markers for a couple of reasons. 1- my sticky notes are from dollar tree and would have fallen off after 2 minutes. 2- sticky notes prevent you from seeing yourself. Using expo markers allow me to see myself…but, not without seeing all the affirmations about who I am. So when I’m not feeling pretty, I can’t look in the mirror without seeing that “I am…beautiful.” Feel free to create your affirmation mirror or wall in anyway that works best for you! 

This is not just a post for those of you who are single or depressed or whatever cliché post you thought this was. Sometimes we get so caught up in loving others and working hard to receive the acceptance or approval of others that we forget to look for it from ourselves. We can be happy with the person we are dating, but unhappy with our own selves….and if you don’t get that in check, it will also end up hurting your relationships. As much as they might love you and care about you, they can never make up for the love & acceptace that you owe yourself.

Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Self-love, self-acceptance are all things that I struggle with, like many of you. I’ve worked hard to create the illusion that I don’t struggle with it, but the truth is that I do too. It is easy to want approval of others. We are social beings, we desire companionship and acceptance. However, we deny ourselves happiness and peace when we don’t learn how to love ourselves, flaws and all. 

​​You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo