Dear Ladies,

Here’s a thought….what would happen if you took the same amount of time that you spend on social media and spent it on your school work, your business, or your relationships. What would happen if you spent that same time reading a book, working out, or meditating? How much would you really be missing out on?

About twice a year, I challenge myself to spend less time on social media and spend more time on another area of my life. Sometimes I log out of all of my social media accounts (well…not Pinterest). Sometimes I just log out of one. Sometimes I log out as part of a fast, sometimes its because I have a big test coming up, sometimes its just to help me control what I’m sharing.
I strongly encourage you to take at least one week. Log out of at least one social media platform that takes up a lot of your time. Then replace that with studying, applying for jobs, reading books, working out, spending time with a loved one, or praying/meditating. I won’t “guarantee” any results or changes, but just try it and see what happens. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. If you accept the challenge, comment below or share this post before you log out. You don’t have to let anyone know the reason that you are doing it, but share it with at least one person and maybe they will join in to.

I’m challenging myself too. Starting today, I am logging out of my personal Instagram and Snapchat accounts. (I don’t have Twitter, and rarely log on to Facebook). I’m going to use that time to spend more time with God and to handle some graduation/pre-grad school business that I have been slacking on. I am honestly super excited about the week ahead and all the things that I will accomplish. Wishing you all the best on this 1 week, no/less social media challenge!

 You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo