Dear Ladies, 

You ever got a new job, a new boyfriend, a good grade, went on a nice vacation, finally took some time off of work, got a raise, etc…. but then a friend or a coworker says something salty like “must be nice.” 

Some of ya’ll are rolling your eyes with me right now, some of ya’ll are rolling your eyes at me because you think this is petty. That’s cool, just keep reading. I wanna take this simple phrase “must be nice” to make a slightly bigger point. 

Think about the response that you want people to give when you share that something new or exciting happened in your life. Think about what you want people to say when you finally get something that you felt you deserved. Now think about what response you give other people when they share these things with you. Is it the same as the response you want? Do you respond out of jealousy or are you genuinely happy for them? Can you celebrate with people without being salty?

Listen Ladies, we have to stop asking people not to talk about the good things in their life. New relationships, new jobs, a break or vacation that was deserved, good grades that are the result of hard work. All of these things are exciting, new & pivotal. They are worth celebrating. No, we shouldn’t go around bragging but we have to stop asking people to apologize for the good things that happened.

They probably worked hard for it. They probably saved up for it. They probably recognize how much of a blessing it is. Sometimes you have no idea what someone has been going through and how big of deal it actually is in their life. 

Allow people to share the good in their life, no strings attached.If that area of your life is not at the same level you should be asking what they did to get there, not asking them to stop talking about it.

Maybe it’s petty…Maybe I just went on a rant…Maybe it makes a little bit of sense. I’m just asking that each of us strives to be less salty and more excited about the new things that are happening in the lives of others. One day you are celebrating that thing in your friends life, the next day they are celebrating it in yours…just saying 🙂

You Got This Girl !Love, Mo