Dear Ladies, 

I’ve noticed that this generation gets tired of phrases so fast, that we throw away things of substance, things of deeper meaning. One of these phrases is one that I kinda/sorta/lowkey loveee: “New Year, New Me”. I am in LOVE with new beginnings, new starts, new chances, new days and new weeks….but especially, New Years! 

“New year, new me” doesn’t have to mean that you are a total new person on January 1st or even by February 1st. It’s about approaching the year with a new mindset. New Year resolutions are not about being a different person, but they are about BECOMING better. They are about kicking bad habits to the curb and building new habits. The goal is that you have a vision, you plan for that vision, and then you embrace the process.

Habits don’t form over night, nor do they form over a week. So, if you’ve made some mistakes or gotten lazy in the pursuit of your resolutions, it’s okay. Don’t give up! Each day is another chance, do NOT throw that chance away. Be consistent and persistent in the pursuit of your desires for 2017.

You Got This Girl ! Love, Mo