Dear Ladies,

Change can be scary, Change can be exciting. Change is definitely a risk, but I believe it is a risk worth taking.

Change is almost always worth it. It challenges you, it challenges your routine, and it challenges your mindset. If there is no room for change in your life, then there is NO room for growth. If there is no room for growth then there is limited room for LIFE itself. That’s the bottom line, life is all about growth, and growth is all about adapting to change. Growth is learning from your mistakes, learning from their mistakes, and making the executive decision to make crucial changes for better results.

So what is the change that your facing? Maybe a new job. A new school. A new environment. A new relationship. Whatever it is, move past the fear and uncertainty that lives in your mind. Of course you don’t know what the outcome will be, but you’ll be okay. If it doesn’t come out like you hoped, it’s fine, you learned something and you’re better for it. I promise you, change is good. You’ll gain a new perspective, a new understanding and a new appreciation and you’ll be better for it! 

So, if change is growth and growth is life, then how much room are you creating for LIVING? How much change are you willing to make to live the life that you want to live? Yes, change IS scary, but it’s not THAT scary! It’s not so scary that it should stop you from living. 

Love, Mo