…or the lack thereof

It’s back to school season, and I have to ask, what are you doing? Not right now… But what are you doing with your time ladies? Maybe all of your time is wrapped up in a man (*clears throat* …a boy), maybe you have consumed your mind with reality tv and tmz. Maybe you’re on social media for countless hours a day. Maybe you base your entire day off of some game on your phone. Okay, or maybe you’ve been reading, studying, praying, working, spending quality time with your friends and family. Maybe.

Well, now that we know where you’ve been spending your time, I have to ask “are you proud?” Did you accomplish what you should have accomplished. Did you achieved what you hoped you achieve. Or did you waste away precious moments? Maybe you did, and that’s okay (not really, but…)

Today’s a new day, so get up, get off of your phone, ignore the Hollywood drama, leave your game alone for 24 hours and go have a productive day. Workout, pray, eat healthier, read a book, go for a walk, make a new friend, call your friends and family so they know that you’re still breathing. Oh, I’m sorry if I’m asking too much. It’s just that I want you to live your life instead of simply existing. It’s just that I want you to have a productive and enjoyable life. Please don’t be a bum for too long, the world needs you! I’m serious, if the world didn’t need you, you would still be here. If you don’t know what it is that the world needs you for than your first step is to go figure that out!