Dear ladies,

Do you know what really hurts my heart? I mean what really tears me apart? What keeps me up at night?

What really and truly breaks my heart is watching a friend lie to themself about a situation or a relationship. What breaks my heart is watching someone who deserves the world, hand it over to someone who could never appreciate it. Ya’ll think I’m kidding when I say it breaks my heart? I’m serious, it hurts because I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be that person and I never want anyone to experience that. The hardest thing for me is watching stubborn people dig themselves a deeper hole and lie about their happiness, instead of listening to the counsel of their friends.

So here I am, sitting by and watching you drive yourself into the ground because you’re too proud. No, you’re too scared to climb out of that hole that you’ve dug for yourself. Too scared to face the reality of the situation. Too proud and too scared to walk away from pain and deceit. So, here I am watching you with tears in my eyes, because it’s like watching a bad rerun of who I used to be. And you’re too stubborn to listen, but I guess I understand because I was too. The bad part is when you finally wake up and see what’s happened, I don’t know who’s gonna hurt worse, me? Or you?

If you are reading this right now, you need to know that you should never be too afraid, or too proud to leave a situation or relationship. A situation, job, or person that is not right for you will continue to drain your energy, time, and resources until you have nothing left. I can promise you that! Leave while you can baby girl.

Love, Mo .