Dear Ladies,

We always hear how important it is to have a support system and accountability partners. Sometimes it is easier and more enjoyable to attack our goals when we have someone right beside us. It helps us to not feel so alone in our efforts and to feel more capable of achieving those goals. However, there are times when we set goals that we have to attack alone.

When you set a goal that is super important to you, do NOT wait for your best friend, your boyfriend, or even your family to decide that they are going to work on the same thing. They may have goals of their own that you can’t help them with.

Basically what I’m telling you is that when something is important to you, whether that be your health, your education,  or your career, don’t wait on someone else. Don’t wait on someone else to participate, to go work out, or to improve themselves. Maybe the person you are waiting on, actually needs you to do it first to motivate them. Maybe they need to see you achieve that goal to realize that they need to set that goal or to realize that they can achieve other goals without depending on people.

So don’t be afraid to be self-motivated and independent in the pursuit of what matters to you. I can assure you that the process will be challenging, tough, and maybe even lonely at times, but it will also be super rewarding and empowering.

Honey do you and go get what’s yours.

You never know who is counting on you to do you, to be you unapologetically.