So listen…

I’ve never really been one to speak on political issues or the social justice movements. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t care. It’s just that I’m so focused on the issues that we face as individuals, regardless of our backgrounds. Anyway, I didn’t plan on posting anything until next month, but I couldn’t help myself today.

This morning my heart broke. As I watched the video of Alton Sterling being attacked by the police, my heart dropped as I heard the gun shots and tears filled my eyes as I watched his son break down. His family is now living a nightmare that I’m sure they prayed they would never have to face. A nightmare that every black family in America prays that they will never have to face. It’s a theme for us; we’ve always had to pray that our families wouldn’t be torn apart from those who are hateful, and sick with power. We’ve continued to work hard to bring our families to better communities and opportunities in hopes that this won’t happen to our fathers, our sons and our brothers. I fear for my father, for my cousins, for my friends, for my classmates. THIS is why we scream Black Lives Matter…because we are heartbroken……. a g a i n .

The thing is this world that we live in is so crazy and so chaotic. We HAVE to pray constantly for the issues of the world, the issues of the country and issues in our communities. We have to pray for those who are so easy to hate. The police have given themselves a bad name time and time again, but they are not all this hateful. Today I prayed not only for the family of Alton Sterling, but also for the police officers who have hearts, who have respect for every life. I know, I know, they probably aren’t the first people you would sympathize with. Think about it, if this is ever going to stop the police officers who aren’t sick and hateful, have to step up and make a difference from “the inside.” So take a moment to step outside of your anger and pray for them too.

Usually my focus is reminding people that their individual life matters, and to make the most of it. Today I remind you that every life matters and to treat each other in the same manner, because you never know when life will be taken from you, or from someone else.