Dear Ladies,

What is holding you back from having THAT conversation, from taking THAT opportunity, from moving to THAT place, from telling THAT person how you feel, or from checking in on THAT friend? Do you even know what’s holding you back? Maybe it’s fear, or a lack of confidence, or maybe you’re waiting for the “right time”. Baby, life is short and people die everyday. We grow up, we move away. We go to school, get jobs, and start families. Accidents happen, and we may never see each other again. So, have you figured it out? You know, what’s holding you back?

We stop ourselves from truly appreciating the people in our lives and telling them how much they mean to us. We stop ourselves from taking advantage of opportunities because of what other people will say. We stop ourselves from saying no, when we really need to say no. Ladies, When you stop allowing the same things to keep holding you back, you stop missing out. You stop missing out on life-changing experiences, you stop missing out on valuable connections and you stop missing out on deeper, more meaningful relationships.

So, I decided, that this year would be for me. I decided that it would be for me to live my life unapologetically and without excuses.  I decided that nothing could hold me back from living my life, from building relationships, or from experiencing new things. I’ve said no when necessary. I went to my first concert this year, no matter what people had to say. I have freed myself to tell the people around me how much they mean to me while I still have the opportunity. (Check out next week’s post for more details)

It’s been an amazing experience – to not be held back from living. You should try it!