In 2015, one of my New Years Resolutions was to finish reading the Hunger Games Trilogy. Life happened, and I didn’t finish it until January 2016. It was truly an amazing experience for me. You have to understand, I literally don’t remember the last time that I read a book for fun. I used to love reading! I remember how excited I got for the book sales in elementary school, it was almost as great as field day for me, seriously! Unfortunately, as I felt more and more pressure to excel academically, and to excel at being a “well-rounded” student for scholarships and colleges, I lost track of my true hobbies.
So for 2016, I made sure that one of my new years resolutions had to do with reading. As much as I enjoy a good novel, I had a burning desire to read a really good self-improvement, empowering, “get your life” kind of book. Without knowing that I had this in mind, my mom bought me a book for Christmas that was exactly what I needed. (Thanks mom 😉

I’m reading through Abundance Now! by Lisa Nichols. I am working my way through this book slowly but surely. Every page gives me a reason to self-reflect and re-evaluate my mindset and my actions. It has really given me the opportunity to reflect on all of my life experiences and relationships on a deeper level. I’ve been able to examine my vision for my life and how I approach it. It’s given me the permission to really forgive myself and forgive others. I have a greater sense of peace about everything that has occured in my lfe to this point and everything that is going to happen. Everyday that I thnk about what I have read, I am able to release myself more and more to live “unapologetically.” I’m not getting paid to say any of this (although I wouldn’t mind it lol), but when you read a book like this you can’t help but to let others know what it has done for you.

I will keep you posted on my journey through this book. Following the theme of 2016 for me, this book is truly transformational! The changes happening in my life are amazing and I can’t wait to see and share the results with ya’ll. Until then, I encourage you to go find a really good book to read THIS year! When you’ve picked a book (or if you are already reading a good book), please share the title and author with me! Good luck, and happy reading!