So, I held this post back a week so that I wouldn’t ruin anybody’s Valentine’s Day with their temporary BAE….

Can someone please tell me what is the fun in Netflix and chill? Or Hulu and chill? …How about NO? You should strive to be with a guy who does more than put his mom’s Netflix password in and ask you to “slide thru”, just so he can “slide in” halfway through the movie.

You deserve a guy who puts in the effort to get dressed up and take you to dinner or to play laser tag or to watch your favorite team play. There is just something about dating a guy who wants to always lay down and watch movies when ya’ll spend time together. I mean, where is the motivation? Where is the effort?

If we can NOT do something productive together, then we can NOT have have a productive relationship together!

If this is convicting, then GOOD. Stop wondering why he doesn’t value you, if YOU don’t value YOU enough to not settle

If he doesn’t put effort into spending time with you, what made you think that he was gonna put effort into genuinely caring about you? What made you think he was gonna put effort into meeting and trying to impress your family? What made you think he was going to put effort into finding a ring and asking you to marry him?

Hurts? Well…someone had to say it, you’re welcome.