I don’t know about you, but I did NOT wake up flawless and I don’t buy that Beyoncé woke up flawless. I woke up flawed. I woke up with imperfections. I woke up with room for improvement. I actually love that I woke up like that. 
I understand that telling yourself that you woke up flawless can boost your confidence. Reminding yourself that you woke up flawed is humbling and provides you with a wonderful perspective. I know that I woke up flawed, yet I still believe that I woke up beautiful. I didn’t wake up with my face beat, but I woke up with clear skin that reflects my healthy lifestyle (lots of water, balanced meals, limited processed and oily food). 

I urge you not to put anyone, especially celebrities, on a pedestal. Females put Beyoncé (Queen B) on such a high pedestal that you really do believe she is flawless. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful and talented. But NOBODY is flawless, not you, not me, not Beyoncé. So find a way to balance your self-confidence with humility. I woke up like this, humble. I woke up like this, beautiful. I woke up like this, stressed. I woke up like this, blessed. I woke up like this, flawed and imperfect. And I’m alright with that!


Call to action: 

It’s simple, post a picture of yourself without trying to hide your flaws. (ie. If you think you have a big forehead and crop some of it out when you take selfies, then post a selfie with your whole forehead). I ask that you don’t point out any specific flaws (ie. “Excuse my forehead 🙈”) for your followers, just add the hastags: #iwokeuplikethis #perfectlyflawed #projectempoweru 

Check out my post on #lovethyself and add that hashtag to your picture also