I know that it’s February, Valentine’s day is around the corner, this month everyone goes out of their way for the pursuit of love. However, this post is not full of chocolate and flowers, I may step on a few toes, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Soooo, enjoy lol !

On behalf of every single lady waiting for their husband to step into their lives, please let go of our husbands!

I mean, I know too many girls who are in relationships with some really great guys who they are not actually compatible with. If you would rather be out partying with your friends than going to dinner, or exploring who you are and who you are becoming, or you wish that he would had different personality traits…then maybe, just maybe. you should let him GO.

Honestly, I get it, I really do…it’s hard to let what seems like a good relationship go. It’s a lot easier to break up with a guy who has cheated on you, cussed at you, or has repeatedly lied to you. Sometimes through dating someone, or living with someone, we realize that our relationship with that person is meant to be on a different level. Maybe that relationship level should be friendship or maybe that person is just incompatible with the life that you desire to live.

Here’s my thing: I’m 20 years old, and I’ve played the “dating” game. I have dated guys simply because they liked me and I enjoyed the attention that they gave me. I have dated guys who were never meant to be more than friends, and prayed for God to send me signs. Is this right? Should I stay? Could I raise kids with him? Everytime I got my answer and everytime I ignored it. Every week, I  would ask God again until he was essentially screaming in my face LEAVE NOW! So, why did I tell you this? Well, one thing that I do know is that my husband is on his way to me right now. I don’t know where he is or when he’ll find me, but honey you can believe that he is coming for me! This is why I don’t have anymore time for games. When my husband finds me I need him to find me single and whole, not layed up with a man who is meant for someone else. When my husband finds me, I need him to be sure that I’m the one that he is looking for. I refuse to confuse him. Once we cross paths I can NOT let him move forward without me!

So, please don’t hold my husband hostage. Don’t hold anyone’s husband hostage. If you know that the man that you are with isn’t right for you, if you know that your relationship is temporary, do NOT stay for convenience. Let her husband go, so that he can find her and so that your husband can find you.