Listen Ladies, January is almost over . . .

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going ?


So here’s the thing, we tend to set all these amazing and life changing New Years resolutions and by February we have ruined all of our progress on most of those goals. We tend to get discouraged, and then we quit, deciding to try again next year. What is it about us that we wait for these “special moments in time” such as New Years or our birthday to start some spectacular goal? What is it about us that makes us decide that if we haven’t made progress in a month, if we haven’t been consistent for a month, that it just won’t happen this time around? Whatever it is, we have to decide to get over it and be successful anyway.

News Flash! In every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second there a chance to start something new. We don’t have to wait for these “magical” moments that to make a positive change in our lives. You know that healthy eating goal, that weight loss goal, that fitness goal that you made on January first? You probably ate fast food more than you planned on it, you probably stopped going to the gym every day, and you might not have seen any pounds drop off the scale. Or maybe you made a goal to read more books and haven’t even gotten through one chapter yet. Listen, it is really okay. It’s hard to be consistent, and life happens, I completely get it! Don’t be discouraged and definitely don’t give up! Modify your goals and plans, make sure that they are realistic, post motivating message all over your room and put a encourage quote on your phone background. If you have a physical goal, remember that changes are happening on the inside of your body wayyyy before it the results are tangible. If you are attempting some type of lifestyle change, remember that habits take at least 21 days to form and remember that once your mentality and perspective changes, it will seem like a piece of cake!


Now, go forth and prosper! You got this!