A little while ago, I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful faculty member at my university. Some of things that he said cross my mind from time to time, but there is one thing that really stood out to me. In the professional world, it’s common to ask someone for their name and who they are. We ask questions and give information that have to do the relevance of our meeting one another. So here’s the thing to think about: What if we started asking people “who are you becoming?” 

This caused me to wonder, what if we asked ourselves “who am I becoming?” It just seems that we should be able to answer the same questions that we expect others to answer. What I love is that this question is more than what career you hope to have, but more about the characteristics and the impact that you want to have. It’s great that you want to be a dancer or a doctor or a lawyer or a singer or whatever job you hope to have. What you have to consider is whether or not you are you becoming a talented, but disrespectful artist, becoming a corrupt leader, becoming a spiteful lawyer, becoming rich and unfulfilled. You also must consider the fact that you cannot become Beyoncé, you cannot become Michelle Obama, you cannot become Misty Copeland, and you simply cannot become your role model.

You can only become who you are! You have to picture it, speak it, write it, believe it, and achieve it (in that order). Use the new year as an inspiration to envision your future and who you will become. I encourage you to become something positive, something worthwhile, something fulfilling. Become intelligent. Become inspirational. Become calm. Become wise. Become healthy. Become a reader. Become a writer. Become confident. Become a wife. Become a mother. Ultimately, YOU determine who you are going to become…just make sure that the person you are becoming is YOU.

Once you decide who you are becoming, you will have a vision that can be a guide to all of your life decisions. If you are becoming a wife, then that desire and preparation should be evident in your current words and actions. If you are becoming calm, then that desire should guide your progress and your transformation from the girl who has no problem poppin’ off to a young lady who knows when to hold her tongue.

When you’ve decided who you are becoming, comment and let me know!