We all make mistakes but why should you regret them. If you have improved because of it, learned because of it, grown because of it? Then why regret it. Appreciate it and don’t make the same mistake twice

I’ve dated enough guys and spent time talking too enough guys that I could say that I regret spending time on them, but I don’t. When I look at the person that I was then, and the person who I am now, I realize that it made me better. I have grown A LOT, I learned a lot. and I know that I don’t want to be with guys with certain characteristics or lifestyles. I know a lot more about myself because of those mistakes and I don’t regret it because it didn’t hurt me in the long run. I mean, sure I spent a couple of days crying in the shower about people who didn’t ever deserve to be with me (not cocky, just honest) and then I got over it because I was fine before them, but I’ve been even better after them.

Shifting your viewpoint of “mistakes” to “learning experiences” will definitely  transform the outcome of that decision or experience. It is easy to wallow in defeat or depression over a failed relationship, or a bad grade on an assignment, or a performance that didn’t quite go as planned. It hurts your pride a little, and that’s natural. I’m definitely NOT saying that this is easy, but you have to remind yourself that it is not the end of the world.

If you can learn from it and move on, move past it, and then do better the next time, you WILL be better for it.