“You’ve changed.”

It’s a phrase that I’ve heard so many times. A phrase that doesn’t usually have a positive connotation. “Wow, you’ve changed…I don’t know, you’re just different.” Honestly, it used to offend me. Was I not supposed to change? Was I supposed to always be the same? Was I never to make new friends? Was I never supposed to learn new things? LIESSSSSSSSSS.

Now, I say thank you. Thank you to everyone who inspired me to change. Thank you to everyone who criticized my change. Thank you to everyone who challenged my thinking, my friendship, my authenticity, my beliefs. Thank you for stimulating reflection. If you never did, I would have never changed and I LOVE CHANGE. If I was the same person that I always was, I would have never achieved the things that I have achieved, built the friendships that I have built, left the relationships that I needed to leave or become the young lady that I have become. If I never allowed myself to change, I would have never grown, never learned anything, never become anything positive, never have gained the ability to inspire someone. If I never allowed myself to change, I would be a complete disaster.

This post is me encouraging you to change. Use your actions to challenge the people around you to say “You’ve Changed”. Then smile, and say thank you. Don’t be offended. Change is natural. Change is healthy. Change is fun. Change is good. You are supposed to change. Change the way your dress, your hair, your nails. Cultivate your beliefs, values and actions. I’m not telling you to change your core values, but I am challenging you to identify them and live by them. When you find your core values, don’t change them for friends, boyfriends or jobs but change those things to fit your values. Choose your friends wisely. Make sure that the people who you associate with, reflect where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

Whatever you do, don’t stay stagnant. If something you do, say, or think is NOT beneficial then change it. Become the best version of you that you can be. Nobody else can do it for you. Wake up and stay aware of who you are, who you are becoming and who you want to become. (all of these “who” s are you btw, don’t aim to become anyone but yourself).