Imagine how life was before there were mirrors, front-faced cameras and selfie sticks. The only way you knew what you looked like was walk your little self down to the river and find your reflection. Imagine this was your life. How important would it be to have your face “beat”, edges “laid”, hair on “fleek”, and eyebrows “snatched” ? mmmm, interesting…..

I know we don’t think about this but that used to be the way that women lived. You’re imaging how you would survive, but in someways one could argue that they had it better. Women were beautiful because of how they carried themselves, the amount of skin they showed and the things that they found joy in. Appearance had a role but it’s a lot easier to be humble, when you can’t look in a mirror to make sure you are “beat to capacity”. I mean whatever happened to natural beauty. Whatever happened to “glowing” from the inside out. Now we highlight and contour. Who do we think we’re fooling?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to get your hair done and wear makeup up. All things in moderation. If we love ourselves like we say we do and if we are prioritizing and focusing on the things that are most important in life, then we should find that enhancing our beauty is not the most important thing in life. You may think that you don’t place a lot of importance on how you look, but how much time do you spend in the mirror (or your front-face camera, or the selfies on your camera roll) compared to how much time you spend praying, working out, or helping someone else or working towards whatever you believe your purpose is.

My challenge to you is to “beat your face” one less time a week, go to the gym, focus on what you put into your body, what you do with your body and develop a undeniably beautiful and humble aura. People won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you or keep you out their thoughts, and they will always want to be in your presence because of who you are, not what you look like. Appearance is superficial and is always changing. Ladies, what happens on wash day? no make up and your hair is very “unlaid”. If bae saw you would he even recognize you? I’m just being real, you shouldn’t be a drastically different person. You have to own who you are because you can’t be anyone else. The more authentic and the more transparent you are, the more relate-able and the more desirable you are. You will radiate so much more beauty when you focus on what matters because it will come from inside of you. You won’t need any makeup, tweezers, hair gel, or bundles to confirm your beautiful.