Death implies defeat and loss of hope. Death provides no motivation or hope but instead promotes acceptance of something undesirable.

If chivalry is, in fact, dead than can it be revived? Is it dead because it was inevitable it or because we don’t require it? Is it an action that is taught or one born out of necessity? Is it just another hoop to jump through or a legitimate display of respect?

So I ask you, If chivalry is dead, what killed it? Was it fate? Was it a generation of people? Maybe it was “cuffing season” or maybe we’ve just renamed it “thirst”… Maybe, just maybe, Chivalry isn’t dead… I mean, of course it’s rare these days, but it certainly exists. As ladies, we have to learn to recognize it and appreciate it.

Challenge the males around you to step up and be a man. Challenge them to be a gentleman worthy of a lady and then become a lady worthy of a gentleman

Can’t be ratchet and married to a prince…can’t be a thug and royalty…am I right?

Stop demoting chivalry to thirst! Opening doors, saying good morning, good night texts, carrying your books, asking how you are doing, calling you gorgeous is NOT thirsty. It’s a proper display of respect and/or interest. Don’t be cocky, he might not even be interested you. Maybe he held the door for you because he was raised correctly.

Funny story, the day after I began writing this post I experienced chivalry first hand. Not that this was the first time but it was beautifully ironic. I was walking to my room from the library with textbooks in my hand and a bag over my shoulder. A guy who lives in my building had just left but asked me if I wanted him to carry my books. At the time he didn’t know that I was in a lot of physical pain. Like, he really made my day. I laid down in my room and added this to my post,because how could I not share this? Ladies, chivalry is not a man’s display of interest in woman, but it is a code of respect that is evident even in everyday interactions.