Allowing myself to be vulnerable has always been a hard task, so I guess that’s why I don’t understand why some females are so open to having their legs open. (Yeah, there’s really no beating around the bush with this topic. I mean, let’s just be real.)

I could use this post to preach abstience, purity, and celibacy, but I won’t. However, I am a firm believer that it’s the best method of keeping your dignity, pride, spirit and health in tact. What I will address, is the “Gold Mine” perspective.

Before you continue reading this post, watch this clip from Steve Harvey. Here he reminds all young ladies that we are “Sitting on a Gold Mine.”

Honestly, it’s crucial that you understand your worth and your value. Often times women are seen as emotional, irrational beings, who need to to be taken care of….as if we must always depend on a man for our survival. False! I am no “damsel in distress.” In fact, women are stronger than hormones want you to realize. I mean tell me what is stronger than a vessel for the development of life? It is a fact that women are more easily influenced by our emotions, thoughts and hormonal changes. Men also face these influences but, society encourages them to suppress emotional reactions and rewards their sexual “involvement.” By no means, do I have it all together or expect a guy at my age to be ready to settle down and have a family but I refuse to give myself away to a scrub (for “lack of a better term” lol).

Alright, so I could use a inspirational term like “womb” or “gold mine” or the beautiful slang terms of our generation (rolls eyes) or I could be real and just refer to your vagina as a vagina. First of all, know that it is precious, invaluable and priceless. If you wouldn’t give away pearls and diamonds or 24k gold to just anybody, then what makes your vagina any different? When you truly value something, you at least have a mental list of requirements, or a price, that a “buyer” must meet in exchange for your product or service.

So if your vagina is precious and valuable, which it is, then why not treat it that way? Ladies, keep it clean and be very aware it’s condition. Think about when you rent a book. The condition of the book is a crucial factor in the price that you are willing pay for it. If the book is new or in a “like new” condition you are willing to pay more. If it has been written in, pages torn out and falling apart, then you’ll want to pay less.  The worse the condition, the less you are willing to pay and the less likely you are to place value in it. The same is true of the relationship between men and your vagina.

You know that feeling of regret after you broke up with your ex-boyfriend? The hurt and pain that you felt? Assuming that it was a innocent relationship and no sex was involved, I want you to imagine how much more painful it would have been if you gave him access to your gold mine.

If they don’t deserve your time and effort, if they don’t value your friendship or your heart, if they can’t see the beauty of your soul then what makes you think that they deserve access to the gold mine that you’re sitting on? All they are going to do is poke and drill, just searching for something to keep them happy….only to realize that “happy” is a temporary emotion and sex has never been a permanent solution to chronic loneliness, emptiness or brokenness.

Ladies, there is a no return policy on your vagina. All sales are final. So I am asking you to be careful who you allow to access your vagina. All who enter, will leave with a piece of you. Are you really prepared to give yourself away piece by piece to BOYS who don’t see your value? Someone who isn’t willing to put in the time or effort? Someone who gives you a head nod the next time he sees you? Someone who tells his girlfriend that you’re just like “one of the guys”? See I call you a young lady because I trust that you desire that status for yourself. Boys will never respect the value of a lady. ….that’s another blog post for another day…

Dear virgins, …so what if you feel like a unicorn or like an outcast? I mean if you want to feel true rejection and true regret, go ahead and open your legs and let the wrong guy in. You could be stuck with a bum who has no intentions of becoming marriage material, or be stuck with a infection or a disease, or spend 18 years raising a child without the father’s partcipation.

Moral of the story, giving yourself up too quickly kills the thrill of the chase, the sweetness of the victory, the desire to put a ring on it. Close your legs every once in awhile and you’ll see who recognizes the value of the gold mine that you are sitting on.