….ain’t Gold.

In case you haven’t learned by now, listen to what I’m about to say.

Just because it shines, doesn’t mean that it’s valuable. Just because he smiles at you, doesn’t mean that he is smiling for the right reasons. Just because his teeth are white like pearls, doesn’t mean his intentions are pure. Just because his skin is smooth like a Hershey’s bar, doesn’t mean that he is THE One.

Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean you should buy it. Just because your parents say that it’s okay, doesn’t actually make it right. Just because it’s lawful, doesn’t mean that it’s profitable.

Sometimes things are exactly how that seem, but a lot of times things, situations, or people are the complete opposite. I mean, you remember that friend that you thought would always be there for you? but you haven’t heard from them in years…. You remember that guy you dated who you thought was so wonderful and such a gentleman? …well was he?

The last thing that I want to do here is scare you into not trusting anyone or to scare you away from building relationships. It is SO important to build trustworthy relationships. However, it is also important to be careful not to trust too easily. I’m basically asking you to check for signs of a rotten apple before you bit into it. Somethings we never know until we develop a relationship with someone….but sometimes the signs are staring us in the face and we overlook them because he’s funny, he’s the perfect shade, she has the clothes we want or maybe because we’re lonely or unfulfilled. Ladies, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for so open your eyes and act accordingly !