Alright Ladies,

This post is for all of us who are always busy with things to do and places to be. Maybe you have a job, are in school, and are apart of three organizations. Maybe your plate is even busier than that. Maybe your a full-time college student with three jobs and are apart of two organizations. Maybe you forget to eat some days. Maybe you go days without sleeping. Maybe you have to remind yourself just to breathe some days. Maybe….i’m just talking about myself. So yeah, this is one of those “girl, get yo life” posts, but it’s also one of those posts where I just might talking to myself more than anything else.

It’s feeling a little like rehab on Empower U today…sooo, hi everyone, my name is Monique and I’m a busy bee. I have always been one of those highly motivated, super focused people. Once I make a plan or a schedule, there is no stopping me. Over the years this has become a bit excessive. I remember when I was in high school, I had a close friend that I was constantly checking on to make sure that she was breathing and eating. I use to fuss at her about taking care of herself and not taking on too much, but I’ve found that I am now THAT friend. Again, my name is Monique and I’m a busy bee. This semester I have 3 part-time jobs, 15 credit hours, 2 writing-intensive courses, 2 labs, 2 on-campus organizations and dance 4 days a week. I enjoy being busy, I enjoy being productive, but its probably because I enjoy feeling relevant. There have been weeks when I barely slept. There have been days when I missed a meal. There have been days that I covered shifts at work knowing I was completely exhausted. There have been days when I didn’t even acknowledge God with a short prayer. Me being the busy bee that I am, I just keep going and going and going until I burn out.

Ladies, pleaseeee don’t be me! It’s not healthy and it’s not fulfilling. Find what is most important and prioritize. As a human, we have basic needs to tend to before anything else, such as eating and sleeping. The more you deny your body of these needs, the less healthy you will be, and ultimately the less time (on this earth) you will have to do the things that you want. When you’re young, you want to do everything and have everything you want right now. But, we are literally not capable of doing “it all”…at least not at the same time. Please don’t overload yourself. If you’re going to be a busy bee, plan carefully. PLAN CAREFULLY. Like for real, PLAN everything. When you have to be in class, when you have to study, when you have to work, when you have to eat, when you have to sleep, when you have to spend quality time with others. It is so important to have some sort of downtime that you can spend with the people you care about. So basically what I’m telling you is, not to neglect yourself, not to neglect others, and definitely not to neglect God.

So, from one busy bee to another………………………..

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Special thank you to Socrates and Mrs. Tamar Braxton. Ladies, we have to get it together!

Coming Soon to Empower U……………..A blog series on PRIORITIES!