Welcome to Project Empower U !

My name is Monique Jones, and I’m just a college student with a vision. I have always had a passion for helping and serving others. As a young lady, I can recognize and relate to the issues and situations that today’s girls, teenagers, and young women encounter. Although my desire to impact the lives of young ladies has always been apparent, it took my participation in LeaderShape with my university to expand this desire into a vision through which I could make a meaningful impact. I was only 18-years-old and I was still figuring out where I fit on campus and how to deal with the workload. One year later, I created this blog as my project, Empower U, in order to share important, uplifting, empowering, and encouraging messages with young ladies everywhere.

This blog is only the first step for Project Empower U. The vision for Empower U is much greater than its current stage. This world is filled with young ladies who have yet to overcome their past and are struggling through their current situations. We all have battles to fight and situations that test us in every area of life. This blog’s purpose is to discuss* these situations and how to get through them.

*note: I purposefully use the word discuss here because I don’t know everything and I’m still young and dealing with my own situations and issues. I want my audience to feel comfortable to like, comment, agree, disagree, or add other suggestions. This blog can be used to vent or to pose questions that you want a different perspective on.

Okay so, let’s talk about the term “young lady.” I could easily say that my target audience is young girls, teenage girls, or young women; so why choose “young lady?” This was also a very intentional decision. It is easy to target a specific age range, but there are some common things that females encounter as they grow into women. Each of the other terms that I mentioned refers to age ranges. When I refer to you, or to myself, as a “young lady”, I am implying the desire to present oneself in the best way possible, the desire to relate to others in the best way possible, and the desire to become a respectable and influential woman.

So, why call this project “Empower U”? As you may have guessed, the “U” in Empower U stands for “University”. A university provides the opportunity to learn about things that matter, in a proper context, in order for us to grow individually and impact other individuals. That being said, Project Empower U doesn’t have classes or professors or exams, instead it enables you to grow as a young lady and transform into the woman that you want to be. An empowered woman with inspiring impact.

Thanks for visiting Project Empower U ! Stop by for new content every week.