Dear Ladies,

I could tell you to “dream big” or to “reach for the stars” or that “you can do anything that you put your mind to”. But I’ll just hope that you already know this things and that your dreams are SO big that you’re scared to tell anyone how big they really are…You say that you want to own a hair salon, but you really want to own 5. Or you want to be a dancer, but you really want to have your own dance company. Or that you want to travel “more”, but you really want to visit every country…whatever it is, dream as big as you possibly can. Each of us has a talent, a passion, and a future that we envision before we go to sleep at night. Please don’t ever let go of that dream. Allow it to motivate you, especially on the toughest days, when nothing goes as planned. Take every moment that you have and make the most of it.

Whatever your hopes for the future, I challenge you to reach further and dream bigger. And even if it scares you to share with others, write it down. It could be somewhere private like a diary, or more public like your bathroom mirror. No matter where you put it, I urge you to write it down (on PAPER). It would be so easy to make it a note on your phone/computer/tablet, but there is just something about writing it down, pen to paper, that makes it a little more real. Once it is written down, revisit this paper once a week and add to it (this could be a game plan to achieving the goal, or the things you are accomplishing that bring you closer to your dream). I truly hope that this will force you to plan for greatness, expect progress and achieve the seemingly impossible. If you can be 100% conscious on the way the, I sure you that the ride will be amazing.

Write your DREAM down, so YOU know it’s real.