This is a wonderful generation, isn’t it? A generation that is so technologically savvy that our parents have know idea what we are really doing. A generation so manipulative that our friends don’t even know who we really are. A generation so consumed with wi-fi and social media that we don’t know how to operate off-line. A generation so addicted to updating statuses, uploading pictures, and checking our acquaintances’ stories that we can’t properly connect to the person sitting next to us…unless they make it on our timeline…oh.

I know that this is not my usual “girl you’re so beautiful, girl your worth more than a diamond, girl love yourself” post but I feel this needs to be said. *shrugs* ….you’ll love me again next week, but there’s a reason that I have a tough love category of blog posts. 

We allow society to affect us more than we want to admit. Popular culture becomes more important, more interesting than our own cultures, spending more time caring about the beliefs and lives of celebrities than the beliefs and lives of ourselves. Seriously, think about it…how much more time do you spend watching reality tv shows, getting your “news” from social media, and talking about those celebrities lives and that popular news, than you spend connecting with reality, your culture, your beliefs/religion, watching or reading the actual news and discussing these thing with your so called friends? If you actually had to discuss your core beliefs with your so called friends instead of the lastest celebrity outfit or Twitter arguments, would you still have those same friends? would they respect what you have to say? Or would they scroll down Twitter or snapchat instead?

Call me old-fashioned but I hate when sitting in a room with family, with friends, or with close friends and instead of spending time together, we waste time together texting other people and checking every social media app on our phone. What are you actually gaining by that persons presence, other than immediate read receipts and response time? Put the phone down! If you can’t put it down for 5 minutes without checking it, you forreal have a problem my friend. 

It’s truly unfortunate that as a generation, we are more consumed with the latest social media #challenge that we can’t even challenge ourselves to be better. We’d rather compete in challenges that could harm us, degrade women, or avoid donating money to a real cause, than to challenge ourselves to spend more time with the people we say we care about, or challenge ourselves to pay attention in class, or challenge ourselves to advance on our jobs, or challenge ourselves to hear what God is saying to us during church service, or challenge ourselves to not just dream bigger but to achieve bigger.

I think that we all need to have a more meaningful self-reflective conversation with ourselves…do you really value what your bio says that you value? Should your bio say “society first, snapchat is life, my phone is Bae, #vh1matters” or do you really mean that “God is first, ball is life, mr.unfaithful is bae, #blacklivesmatter”. Be honest, if God is first that means when you wake up you pray before checking your phone. If ball, dance, music or whatever “is life” than you spend more time with that thing than with your phone. If that person is bae than you enjoy spending actual quality time with that person and not just taking cute pictures “for da gram.” If you care about the social issues that you claim to care about, your life and timeline should reflect that instead of the latest celebrity beef or your favorite reality show. 

I guess you could call this a rant, but it’s just food-for-thought. So today, #challenge yourself to have a stronger offline connection than the strength of your wifi connection and see what happens. Remember to not just dream bigger but to strive to achieve bigger.