What girl dreams about Mr. Average? Who dreams about Prince “Let’s Chill”? When did that one bedroom apartment only occupied with you and your child appear in your dreams? How old were you when you first dreamt about having a dead-beat baby daddy?

Young girls love the idea of being with Mr. Wonderful, Prince Charming, living in a gorgeous furnished house, having a diamond ring and a wedding. So why do we let go of this dream? Ladies why do we settle?

First understand that when we lower our standards and expectations, we get exactly that: a guy with less manners, less chivalry, less ambition, less money, less loyalty, less integrity, less romance.

Think about it: We as people will do whatever the job takes. We will work for what we want. It’s alot easier to find money to pay for an old pre-owned car or to pick up some clothes from the local thrift store than it is to get a job so that you can save up money for that BMW that you’ve always wanted or for that pricy dress you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. If the car or the dress are really all that wonderful, you’ll do what it takes to own it, right? Any guy is the same; they will work for money to get a new car or some new Jordan’s. They will also find some money, some manners, some integrity, some romance, to get the girl of their dreams…that is unless of course she has lowered her standards. If he can get you without doing “extra credit”, he absolutely will.

Now, I am in no way condoning any of you to be materialistic or superficial, but you are so much more valuable and worth so much more than Netflix, pizza and late night runs to cookout. Honey, raise your standards back up and NEVER settle!