Dear Ladies,
What is IMPORTANT to you? What do you CARE about the most? What do you truly VALUE?

Everytime we make a decision in life, it reflects the things that we actually value. Then we must ask ourselves if we are okay with that reflection. It’s easy to say that we value humility, we value love, we value respect, we value integrity, we value selflessness (and all that other good stuff). However, if we make these claims and our decisions and actions don’t match up, then we are not being honest with ourselves or with others. Some of us value money or sex or name brands or food (and so on and so forth), but do we admit it?

Self-evaluation is a great first step. When you reflect on decisions you’ve made or action you’ve taken, instead of saying “what was I thinking?”, ask yourself “what was I valuing?” This simple step has the potential to change the way you think and make decisions in the future. Imagine asking yourself: What was I valuing when I was dating him? What was I valuing when I skipped class? What was I valuing when I gave my virginity to him? What was I valuing when I wore that outfit? What was I valuing bought that item? Etc.

So tell me again, you value WHAT!?

P.S. Here are free Personal Values Assessments (these are FREE, not 100% accurate; accuracy comes with a price lol…but no seriously, it’s a great start)

Personal Value Quiz | Personal Value Activity & Workbook