I’d ask you to explain

but I know I’ll never get it

why you’re with the same guy

for 6 years with no ring

why ya’ll still having sex

but don’t want a baby

I meant can’t afford

that’s why ya’ll can’t have a wedding
Don’t try to explain

Because I will never get it

Why you put up with the side chick

The late nights, “who were you with?”

He wants to live with you

But has he paid rent?

You’re a woman, you nurture

He’s a man, a provider?
Now let me explain

And I hope that you’ll get it

It’s all a dead end

Potential, but no progress

Yeah he cute, but I’m sorry

it’s not cute

That his bank account’s red

Or that all his dreams are dead

When will ya’ll get it?

Ladies, you deserve better

A man trying to get to heaven

One who loves more than your body

And sex is not his hobby

But he loves every inch of your soul

Ya’ll help each other grow

A partner, a best friend, a real man
Now do you get it? First comes love…